Portfolio of Finishes

Hundreds of diverse color and design samples are available for you to choose from using the finest materials available in the market today. We will work closely with you or your company to bring your vision to life. Please take a moment to view some of our previous sample designs.

Venetian Plasters

Authentic venetian plaster will transform any room in your home or business into a one of a kind work of art, imparting a sensuality of texture and color that is impossible to achieve with paint or faux finishing. Venetian plaster is mainly used internally, on walls and ceilings, to give a finish that looks like polished marble.

Texture Finishes

Textures convey many different architectural impressions, With the right materials and application techniques, it’s possible to create unique textured surfaces. We offer a wide range of textured finishes to achieve a range of styles from ultra-smooth to rugged and coarse textures.

Metallic Finishes

Surround yourself in luxury with the luster of metallic finishes. The captivating qualities of these reflective finishes, combined with fashionable jewel tones, provide a sleek appearance that will instantly dress up any space. We offer a radiant collection of metallic finishes for your living space.

Stenciling Finishes

We provide a grand variety of stencil designs for ceilings, walls, furniture, floors, and glass. We have the inspiration for every stencil look you want in your home. Stencils are a timeless design tool as well as a beautiful and cost-effective method of creating a custom look for your home or business.

Custom Finishes

Jelber’s Decorative Arts can match a wall finish that you already have, or create something completely new for your home or business with limitless options for color, texture design, and application.

Molding Finishes

We have the ability to create or match any kind of molding finish that you require, from our unlimited design, style, and color combinations for your home or business project.